Want More Info on Tracks?

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 Heads up! Only site managers can create and manage Registration Tracks. This article is intended for site managers. If you're an advanced program manager looking for information about managing your programs, click here. If you're a program facilitator looking for information about reviewing your programs, click here. 

Registration Tracks are an important part of your site, and we want to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful! In addition to our knowledge center articles, we have some additional training materials you can use to master Tracks, decide on strategy, and help the volunteer experience! 

Multi Track Registration Online Training

Our online training system allows you to learn the basics about Community Connect at your own pace. You’ll become confident in navigating the software through videos, articles, quizzes, and more! 

Why would you take this training? This training could be right for you for a few reasons: 

  • You have more questions about Tracks
  • You want to consider the best way to strategize the volunteer experience for your Tracks
  • You're unsure if you want a Track to end in a Program, a User Group, both, or neither
  • You're a visual learner—this training has plenty of videos! 

Once you’ve clicked the link below, you’ll need to create a separate user account since our learning management system (LMS) is hosted by a different software. You can start your journey by clicking here.  

Multi Track Registration Videos

In addition to our online training, we also have several videos going over the Tracks feature. Here you can learn more about creating a Track, the volunteer experience, and more. Click each link below to watch the video! 

ⓘ So you know: Not all sites have Tracks. If you find that your site does not have Tracks, please reach out to support@galaxydigital.com for more information about users joining your site! 

Additional resources

Here are some additional helpful resources to help you stay on "Track". 

  • Want to learn more about Tracks? Click here!
  • Looking for information about editing Tracks? Click here
  • Want to see how you can manage volunteers in your Tracks? Click here
  • Do you want to share important links for your Tracks? Click here to find out more! 
  • Need to track your data? Click here
  • Click here to learn more about deactivating Tracks or here to learn about cloning them! 
  • Want help setting up the user registration? Click here