Checking Volunteers In or Out from an Opportunity as an Advanced Program Manager

Created by Brittany Crow, Modified on Wed, 12 Jul 2023 at 01:59 PM by Brittany Crow

 Heads up! This article is intended for advanced program managers. If you're a site manager, click hereIf you're a program facilitator, click here.   

There are a few options available for checking volunteers into Opportunities. Volunteers have the ability to use the self check-in option or you can launch the Check-In Kiosk. You can also check volunteers in right from the Hours area of your dashboard! Here we cover: 

How do I check volunteers in? 

If you aren't using the Check-In Kiosk, or if your volunteers need help with getting checked in for an Opportunity, you can always do it on their behalf! You can do this for an individual volunteer or multiple volunteers in bulk! 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Hours2. Click Check-In3. Click List for the Opportunity you want to check volunteers in for. 

  • The table displays important details, e.g., shift times and how many volunteers are currently checked in. 

  • If the Opportunity has scheduled shifts, then a list of available shifts appears for you to choose from—click Select This Shift to continue.

  • Check the boxes beside the users you wish to check in and select Check In Users

4. Apply a User Group as applicable. 

5. Select one, multiple, or all volunteers in the list and click Check In Users

  • Here you can review a snapshot of that Opportunity's details under the Opportunity Titles—e.g., date and time, number of volunteers currently checked in for it, and how many slots are available. 

  • Their status under the Checked In column changes from No to Yes and they now appear under the Checked In Now tab. 

How do I check volunteers out? 

If you need to check volunteers out for any reason, you can do so from the Check-In Now tab in the Hours area of your dashboard. 

1. Go to Volunteerism > Hours

2. Click Checked In Now3. Find the volunteer you want to check out and select either Check Out With Shift End Time or Check Out With A Custom Time with the Check-Out dropdown. 

  • Check Out With Shift End is appears for Opportunities with scheduled shifts. 

4. Click Check Out when you're done selecting the Check Out time.